Typical sleeve Bearing Failures

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Krueger Bearings

Delivering high-quality, precision-machined parts on time and on budget.

Krueger Bearings understands the needs of industry. Our babbitt bearings are skillfully manufactured, reliable, and affordable. Known for bearings, our work at Krueger doesn’t stop there. We are a leading provider in contract machining and custom-machined parts.

Krueger Bearings is proud to deliver to a wide range of industries, from oil and gas to construction to mining and defense. If your machinery has moving parts, you can rely on Krueger Bearings to offer a solution. Our extensive portfolio of products allows us to perform key contract machining processes, including milling, turning, grinding, broaching, and more.

Bearings keep industry moving.

At Krueger Bearings, we’re passionate, honest, dependable, and continuously improving. We understand our customers rely on us to keep their equipment up and running. Thanks to our reputation, we’ve worked with clients on some of the most sensitive endeavors—defense, aerospace, mining, and power generation.

When industry moves, product moves with it. Your production relies on bearings to keep going. It’s a small component but vital to the success of your entire operation. At Krueger Bearings, we deliver on our promises, on time, and on budget. We can help you with precision-manufactured solutions to any bearing challenge.

What we can do

We have extensive experience with a wide range of materials, many of which we stock in-house.

Custom solutions aren't a problem with Krueger.

We know each job is different. Sometimes custom bearings are the right answer. We tailor and personalize our high-quality products and customer experience to ensure your needs are met. We offer personalized services and skilled expertise to guide you to the right solution.

At Krueger Bearings, we’re proud of our unwavering attention to detail. We’re continually evolving as a company, but our commitment to our work and dedication to high-quality solutions are a daily requirement. Our high standards are the reason our customers keep coming back.

When our customers need the highest quality parts, they know they can trust Krueger Bearings to deliver time after time.



Work for a family-owned company where employees matter most.

When the Navy Called, Krueger Answered.

At Krueger, we’re known for our Rapid Response to customer emergencies; that’s why the U.S. Navy engaged Krueger Bearings to supply custom-made bearings on a tight deadline. Not only did we meet the deadline, but we beat it by a week. Krueger is proud to be one of only a handful of companies approved by the Department of Defense for supplying bearings to the U.S. Navy.

When Manufacturers Need to Deliver, They Depend on Krueger.

A major construction equipment manufacturer engaged us to handle their machining, previously handled in-house. They had shifted their strategy to focus on their core competencies of design and assembly. At Krueger Bearings, we developed a custom stocking program allowing them to maintain on-time delivery of customer parts, keeping their reputation solid with their customers by reducing their downtime.

When Customers Expect More,

Krueger Comes Through.

Krueger Bearings offers standard babbitt bearing solutions as well related components and custom bearing options. To learn more about our products or find out what we can do for your company, reach out today. We’re ready to keep you moving forward with dependable components you can rely on.


We’re proud of who we are – we continually evolve as a company, but work and dedication are still a daily requirement. The high standards we establish and maintain are the reason our customers keep coming back.