At Krueger Bearings, we offer an array of babbitt bearings and more.

We have the capacity to customize our bearings, and our team understands what it takes to help our customers find the right product for their needs. People think of us first as bearings suppliers, but we offer so much more.

We’re known for quality products and consistent commitment to excellence in manufacturing. That quality doesn’t happen by accident. We pay extremely close attention to every detail, knowing that we stake our reputation on our capabilities.

In our 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we enact a stringent quality control system. Meticulous inspectors ensure that every product that leaves our line is worthy of being shipped to our clients under the Krueger Bearings name. After over 40 years of working in the bearing industry, we have a lot riding on our reputation.

We offer many services to meet the needs of our customers, including reverse-engineering to find the right solution for your bearing dilemma. Our supply chain management and stocking program ensure you’re never faced with downtime while you wait on the right product to arrive.

Our Materials

We’re known for our babbitt bearings and more. We’re comfortable working with any materials, metals, and alloys. Babbitt is often preferred for bearings because of its ability to reduce friction and resistance to galling and other protective properties. However, the are other metals and materials that are appropriate for certain applications. Need a custom solution? Our engineers will help you find the best material for your machining needs.

Our Facility

We manufacture bearings and more in our state-of-the-art facility. Because we produce our products in-house, we have control over the job from start to finish. We’re staffed by a highly skilled team who cares about their work and sees each job through with pride. In the world of industry and highly engineered components, it’s people who matter most—we’re helping industry serve humans.

Our Equipment

We use precision equipment to create each of our products. Our equipment is designed to help your equipment run smoothly. We know that strong attention to detail, careful engineering, and constant quality control ensures that each product leaves our facility in an optimal state. Many of our machines offer inspection capabilities, ensuring consistent, quality results every time.

Our Transparency

We’re always willing to engage with our customers and work with them to find the right solution. Sometimes a product might not be the right fit, and we’re not afraid to admit and learn from mistakes. We form long-lasting relationships with our customers, letting them know the price, timeline, and expectations upfront. When we promise, we deliver. We know that transparency is crucial for trust.