Delivering High Quality, Precision Machined Parts On Time and On Budget

Krueger is a company we’re proud of – and that takes work, dedication and constant attention. Great machining is the reason we started, standards are the reason why our customers keep coming back. We believe:

Respect isn’t earned, it’s given. Each company is big; each company is important. No matter your company’s size, you’ll always get our best.

Time can’t be manufactured. Your timeframes are real and urgent. Accommodating timelines while providing quality is what we do best.

Reliability is everything. You count on our parts. We know they are part of the bigger picture. We take our commitment to reliability very seriously.

We can handle it. If there are special requirements, we are willing and able to accommodate them.

Any time of day or night, weekdays and weekends, we’ll be available and responsive.

Consistent quality means 100%. We stand by every part and every customer, every single day.

Small is big. Even the tiniest detail has enormous impact – in manufacturing, quality and customer service.

Faces matter. Strong morals and ethics drive our business. Whether miles away or right next door, we only operate in a manner that enables us to look our customers in the eye and shake their hands.

Quality Policy

At Krueger Bearings, Inc. our mission is to support our customers by producing reliable, high quality, critical and specialty machined components that fulfill our customers’ ongoing needs and expectations; accommodating short lead times and aggressive delivery schedules.

We will strive to continually improve our products and processes and foster a work place environment that will facilitate the achievement of these objectives.

Our customer’s success is the key to our success.

Rapid Response

Krueger Bearings is known for its quick turnaround. We understand that the total cost of equipment breakdowns can be tremendous – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars per day. We recognize our customers need bearings in days, not weeks. Krueger Bearings can help with our Rapid Response service.

Krueger Bearings stocks a large inventory of raw materials for emergency needs. If the material is not on our floor, we work closely with local suppliers to allow procurement within hours. With raw material on hand, manufacturing can begin almost immediately.

Krueger Bearings carefully monitors our production schedule to ensure capacity is available for Rapid Response services. We often work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to fulfill emergency needs. Our devoted staff is ready at any time day or night. Rapid Response has become an integral part of our business plan that customers have come to rely on. All the while maintaining the same quality standards you’ve come to expect.

Planning for tomorrow, today.

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