Addressing Sleeve Bearing Failure​

At Krueger Bearings, our products are built to last and made to withstand harsh conditions and rigorous applications. But, of course, nothing lasts forever, and sleeve bearings can fail. When this occurs, it’s usually due to a few root causes.

About half of bearings fail due to lubrication issues. Roughly 40% fail due to mounting problems during installation and setup, and 10% fail because of improper storage and handling. Bearing failure often results in unplanned downtime and even equipment damage.

Understanding why bearings fail can help your maintenance team take essential steps to mitigate the issues before they arise. In our guide to Sleeve Bearing Failure, we walk you through all the reasons sleeve bearing failure may occur, so you can prevent problems before they begin.

Addressing Sleeve Bearing Failure​


If you’re concerned about signs of sleeve bearing failure, please reach out today. Our team can help you find a bearing solution you can rely on.