We’re known for babbitt, but we know so much more. We’re comfortable with any material.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of materials, many of which we stock in-house. If you have a specific material need, give us a call. We’ve probably worked with it before, as you can see from our materials list.

0-1 Tool Steel

1010 Steel

1018 Steel

1020 Forged Tubing

1020 Plate

1026 Forged Tubing

1026 Steel Tubing

1030/1035 Forging

1045 Steel

1117-11L17 Steel

1141 Forged Tubing

12L14 Steel

17-22A Annealed Bar

17-4 PH Stainless Steel

17-7 PH Stainless Steel

2014-T6 Forged Aluminum Tubing

2017-T451 Aluminum

21800 Stainless Steel

4130 Steel

4140 & 4142 & 4150 Steel

4340 Forgings

1100 Aluminum

5052 Aluminum

6061 Aluminum

614 Aluminum Bronze

7075 Aluminum

A08500 Aluminum

A193 Grade B16

A193 Grade B7 Threaded Rod

A36 Low Carbon Steel

A366 Low Carbon Steel

A387 Grade 11 Steel Plate

A516 Grade 60

A516 Grade 70

A694 Forgings

B2A12B Ductile NI-RE Cast Iron

B50A179B3 Forgings

B50A327B11 Forging

B50A327B6 Forging

B50A517B2 Forgings

B50A517C2 Forgings

B50A744B Bronze

B50AF004A Forgings

B5F2C Forgings

B5F2C6 Forgings

B5F5B3 Forgings

Carbon Steel Pipe

Cast Iron Bar

Cast Iron Tubing

Iron Castings


Nitralloy 135M

SA-105 Forgings

SA-537 Class 1 Pressure Vessel Plate


302 Stainless Steel

304 / 304L Stainless Steel

316 / 316L Stainless Steel

347 Stainless Steel

410 Stainless Steel

416 Stainless Steel

422 Stainless Steel

440 Stainless Steel

A-2 Tool Steel

B11G21B Bronze

B12G32B Aluminum Cast

B21A10A Bronze

B50A744B Bronze

Berium Bronze

C10100 Copper

C11000 Copper


C26800-H02 Half Hard Brass

C35300-Leaded Brass

C36000-H02 Half Hard Brass

C46400 Naval Brass

C65500 Silicon Bronze

C83600 Bronze

C84100 Oilite Bronze

C85700 Brass

C90300 Bronze

C92900 Bronze

C93200 Bronze

C93400 Bronze

C93500 Bronze

C93700 Bronze

C94300 Bronze

C94500 Bronze

C95200 Bronze

C95300 Bronze

C95400 Bronze

C95500 Bronze

Group 4 DU Flat

Group 5 DU Flat

Nickel Based Bronze

Oilite Bronze



Threaded Rod

W-1 Tool Steel